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Commercial Litigation Funding Vs Non-Commercial Lending Options
Litigation funding services generally fall into two general categories: commercial and consumer. Commercial lawsuit funding, or commercial lawsuit financing, is an unregulated industry that often loans personal injury plaintiffs cash for living expenses only until their lawsuits settle. Often, plaintiffs will receive a lump sum of cash to handle the expenses associated with a pending lawsuit. However, there are limits to this type of lawsuit funding. Most consumer lawsuit funding is provided by non-profit organizations that do not require a fee for applying. Read more great facts on Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding, click here.

Most commercial litigation funding companies provide funding to plaintiffs who are unable to find settlement money in order to resolve their claims. To qualify, the plaintiff must file a claim. The purpose of this filing is to show that the defendant is liable and that damages should be paid. Once this happens, a financial institution may be able to lend money to the plaintiff. The funds are used to pay living expenses, to settle debts, and to make any other payments the plaintiff and their attorney feel are appropriate. For more useful reference regarding pre-settlement loan, have a peek here.

Many plaintiffs choose to use commercial litigation funding to settle their claims without having to file personal claims against the defendant. Commercial litigation funding companies provide the cash needed to conduct negotiations with the defendant. During the negotiations, the company pays a percentage of the final settlement amount to the attorney. While the percentage is kept low, plaintiffs still have a large portion of their claim paid from the start. Please view this site  for further details. 

If the case is settled without going to court, either party can take advantage of commercial lawsuit funding. To do so, they will need to find an insurance company willing to enter into a settlement agreement. In order to get an insurance company to agree, it is important to offer a large cash amount. To entice an insurance company, the plaintiff will need to provide documents that detail the extent of their injury, for example, broken bones, lacerations, etc. This paperwork provides the legal leverage required to get an insurance company to agree to terms.

Some plaintiffs have great deals set up with lawsuit funding companies. These deals allow them to get out of financial distress faster. After receiving their settlements from the companies, plaintiffs receive their checks in about a week. This allows the plaintiffs to get out of debt faster and to start looking for a new home or a new job.

Lawsuit loans and settlement loans are not the same thing. While these two types of funding are often offered by the same companies, they are not the same things. It is important to remember the difference between these two options. When looking for lawsuit funding or lawsuit loans, investors should look at both commercial lending and non-commercial lending opportunities.